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MOIST REMOVER PERFUME -Adhesive Remover (Cream)- 30g

MOIST REMOVER PERFUME -Adhesive Remover (Cream)- 30g
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Moist Remover is made of hi-density propylene carbonate which is espcially produced for removal of lash extensions. It does not include toxic, aceton substance, for safer use. The cream type consistency is efficient for the very first step of removal. Place the cream throughout the extensions for speedy removal.






Pearl White


Floral scent


Propylene Carbonate


Apply the remover point by point, using a cotton swab or micro brush. Avoid placing the remover directly on skin.
Set the remover for 3-5 mins.
After removing all the extensions, wipe off excess remover with a dry cotton swab. Soak the swab with purified water, and wipe off extra. Dry completely before applying the new set of extensions.


※It may be irritating when applied directly into the eyes or skin.
※ If it did run into the eyes, wash with running water for 10mins. See the doctor if the irritation continues.
※ Wipe instantly when spilt on floor or clothes. The stain may remain, and will be difficult to get off.

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