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Cite deep
Clear Glue
Extra Bond Adhesive 200mPa.s
Extra Bond Adhesive now in 200 mPa.s & 1000 mPa.s!
Extra Bond Adhesive 200 mPa.s

✓ Quick drying: Dries in 1 second.
✓ Smooth texture thanks to it's low viscosity.
✓ Smooth texture thanks to it's low viscosity.

Extra Bond Adhesive 1000 mPa.s

✓ EXTRA X 2 Retention Power: over 8 weeks~
✓ Quick drying: Dries in 1.5~2 seconds.
✓ Extra X 2 high viscosity.

Cite Refreshing Hand Mist 30ml
Cite Essentials - Refreshing Hand Mist
Refresh anywhere, anytime.

This Refreshing Hand Mist contains 60% alcohol. It sanitizes your hands firmly without drying out your skin. It can also be used to disinfect masks and spaces. Enjoy the pleasant fragrance that surrounds you once you use the mist.

Cite Deep Essence Cream 100g
Cite Essentials - Deep Essence Cream
Rich hydrating cream with essence. Nourishment for moisturized face & body.

A rich cream that hydrates your skin while imparting the scent of infused essential oils. Gently massage into your skin to see the transformation of the texture from a rich cream to a deep hydrating essence. You can use it on your face, body, and hands.

※Recommended to use on clients after waxing or after nail service.

Cite Moist Hand Soap 100ml
Cite Essentials - Moist Hand Soap
Moisturizing hand soap with fragrance.

Create a healing space with this hand soap, made with an essential oil formula that exudes a relaxing fragrance. The gentle foam helps remove all traces of dirt and oil. The Hyaluronic Acid creates a moisturizing veil that soothes and reconditions your skin.

Cite Keratin Lash Lift Set - First & Second Pro
Cite Keratin Lash Lift Set - First & Second Pro

✓ Processing time: First Pro - 7 min ・ Second Pro - 7 min
※ Please adjust according to the condition of the lashes.

✓ Specializes in lash treatment, repairs and moisturizes.

✓ Increases time efficiency for Keratin Lash Lift.

✓ Fresh floral scent for clients to enjoy.

✓ Only recommended for technicians who can accurately determine the condition of the lashes.

Cite Styling Tweezer
Cite Styling Tweezer
Carefully crafted tweezer for face and body hair removal.

1. Firmly holds fine hair
Holds fine and short hair as the tip has a firm grip.

2. Gentle on the hair and skin.
The tweezer is gentle on both hair and skin as the tip of the tweezer is smoothly polished.

3. Excellent Grip
Since the two stainless steel plates are glued together, processed with a soft spring and the grip is gentle, you can pluck hair with little force.

Multi Silicon Rod No. 9 and No.10
Cite Multi Silicon Rod No.9 and Cite Multi Silicon Rod No.10
Cite Multi Silicon Rod no.9 and Cite Multi Silicon Rod no.10. Create beautiful curls with these rods with sticky and is extremly easy to use rods. 


Bubble Cleaner
Bubble Cleaner
An eco-friendly cleaning agent that easily dissolves in water and does not leave any harmful substances after use.
Recommended for cleaning Lash Lift Rods!!
Cite First & Second Lash Lift Set
Cite First & Second Lash Lift Set
Cysteamine based lash lift.
Beautiful Lashes
Standard Tweezer Small Curved Tip
Standard Tweezer Small Curved Tip
Swift and easy to use on single lashes and to make volume lash fans.
Re:act Lash Serum
Re:act Lash Serum
Supple and healthy lashes are lashes that are firm and moisturized.
Deeply hydrates the lashes with a generous amount of an effective blend of moisturizing ingredients.
Extra Bond Series
Extra long lasting, Extra strong!
High Viscosity of 500 mPa.s BUT dries in only 1.5-2 seconds.
Feels like wearing a new set of lashes for weeks!
Use the Extra Bond Glue together with Extra Bond Primer for EXTRA long lasting results!

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