FAQ on Adhesives

The following is the FAQ on adhesives:
1. What is the recommended temperature for storing the adhesive
23°Celsius to 25°Celsius. / 73.4°Fahrenheit to 77°Fahrenheit

2. What is the recommended humidity for adhesive:
50% to 60% You can turn on the humidifier and also put wet towels in the room to increase the humidity.

3. What are the signs of deterioration of glue?
The adhesive components are separated
The viscosity is increased and the texture of the adhesive is threadlike
Curing rate slows down

4. What are the reasons for poor adhesion?
Make sure that more than 10 to 15 minutes have not passed since the glue was put out on the plate.
In many cases, the new adhesive is put out only once or twice in one treatment (1.5h to 2h) to concentrate on the treatment.
Thoroughly remove dirt and oil with eye shampoo. (For oily people, etc.) -Glue curing speed and treatment speed do not match
If you use glue for the first time in a long time, shake it about 60 times, and if you use it every day, shake it about 20 times to mix well.

5. Why does the adhesive cure quickly?
Is the treatment done in the beauty salon (Where hair, cosmetics, etc. done)?
Coloring agents and perming agents contain a component called an amine. Amine forcibly cures the glue.